SACHIKA Designs First Transparent Face Mask

Masks have become an integral part of our lives in the past few months. With the number of cases spiking again, it seems the first wave has still not been completely tamed. With that being said, masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon and now more than ever, people are trying to adjust to the "new norm": wearing a mask in public places. But how about eh hearing impaired, the deaf children or even the single ones who want to be seen? Don't we need to see more smiles in these trying times? 
SACHIKA has engineered the first ever 100% transparent face mask available clear or iridescent. The mask has been engineered with micro pores for breathability. It is washable, reusable and made in the USA. 
With the mask being mandatory in many states, communication has become an added struggle for the hearing impaired community. Being able to see the mouth is essential for many and SACHIKA wanted create an innovative mask that could answer those needs. For those who still love wearing makeup and show off their beautiful smile, this mask will brighten anyone's day.
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