The Reveal Mask Cute Colors 100% Transparent Clear Facemask By SACHIKA

You can message us if you want a mix of colors in your bundles.

Stand out with our one of a kind, clear face mask! Flaunt your features and that smile of yours! 

NEW! You can now upgrade your mask to THE REVEAL AIR by adding a valve. This option is great for those looking for better breathability.


** Best Seller Worldwide**

  • Made of supple transparent vinyl

  • Passes the Lighter Test 

  • Each order comes with a bottle of anti-fog 
  • Comfortable ear loops 

  • Has micro holes to facilitate airflow

  • Water resistant

  • Great physical barrier to particles and droplets 

  • Fashionable and stylish

  • Offered in 2 sizes: S/M & M/L

  • Reusable

  • Washable

  • Breathable

  • Made in the USA

The reveal mask provides comfort and utility of the most breathable non-medical grade masks; at the same time, it optimizes the socializing opportunities and enhance communication.The 100% transparency of the mask allows for excellent visualization of the wearer’s features.The Reveal masks foster a much more positive experience for social interaction generally, particularly for dealing with the speech-impaired, the hearing-impaired and children. Breathing comfort is enhanced through two features: (1) an oversized breathing chamber; and (12) rows “micropores” along the nose and mouth for easy airflow. Notably, these micropores, while improving airflow comfort, are still small enough to impede air and particle exchange better than most cloth and other non-medical grade masks.

All our masks are manufactured in our facilities in Los Angeles in clean environment with all necessary precautions taken. For these masks, we  recommend simply wiping them with disinfecting wipes: Use different wipes for the inside and the outside and discard wipes after use. Do not put in the washing machine. You can also wash them in warm water with soap. No need to submerge them in water.

The US Centers for Disease (CDC) recommends all Americans wear cloth face covers when out in public to prevent the spread of germs. Cloth face covers are meant to protect others in case you have been infected and are not a substitute for social distancing. Please note, not all face masks are medical grade. Although these masks are protective they are not guaranteed to prevent you from exposing yourself to any type of germs including COVID-19. SACHIKA & SACHIKA GROUP INC is not responsible for any exposure you may endure while wearing your SACHIKA mask.

SACHIKA "REVEAL" Transparent Mask

Clear Face Mask for Speech Therapists, Hearing Impaired,  Smile Mask, Lip Reading Mask, Transparent Mask, Mask for the Hard of Hearing

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