SACHIKA is a contemporary ready-to-wear fashion house established by Identical Twin Fashion Designers To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika. The brand has earned a secure place amongst the stars and influencers as it proudly celebrates and embraces all body types. SACHIKA is known to fabricate beautiful dresses that complement the female body. The brand is tailored to the Modern Ambitious Woman, aiming at empowering and uplifting her.

“The Modern Woman is fierce, she’s independent and she knows what she wants.” says To-Tam.“Designing is like creating the perfect balance between the imaginary mind and the reality of life” says To-Nya. Their newest collection entitled " BLACK SHEEP" is a collection dedicated specifically to the working woman. She dares to be different and isn't afraid to go after her dreams. SACHIKA's staple boutique is located in the trendy Mile-End of Montreal and being managed by their partners and twin brothers : Viet and Nam. The design atelier is located in Los Angeles, where all the designs are created and confectioned. SACHIKA fashions are currently available in Canada, USA & France and expexted to expand further to Asia in 2019.

“ Whatever the mind can conceive, It can achieve…!” - SACHIKA TWINS

From the designers :

We design and hand sketch everything we release from our Los Angeles design studio. As we create, we produce and manufacture every style and piece with utmost care and attention, all in sustainable environment in our Los Angeles factories. Every piece is meant to fit the woman perfectly and crafted with the highest quality of goods and fabrications. From sketching to having the designs online and in our store, we pride ourselves in creating everything from scratch ( sketching, designing, sourcing, pattern making, grading, marking, manufacturing, marketing, branding , etc ). We want you you have the best experience with our forever classy pieces. Our designs are not cheap and we understand that when you spend on our brand, it call comes down to a per-wear cost. With our timeless and classic designs with always a touch of uniqueness, the per-wear cost goes down significantly. We create and offer only what we believe, today's woman want and need.

Thank you for supporting our brand as we believe in the highest quality goods, supporting domestic manufacturing , creating jobs and keeping the planet green !

" We proudly design and make everything in Los Angeles ! " - SACHIKA

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