LEOPARD Iridescent Clear Face Mask - Animal Print Adult Unisex Face Cover by SACHIKA


“THE TEASE WILD” is iridescent , fun , stylish , great for Halloween, socializing and for simply standing out.

We are the ORIGINAL CREATOR & MAKER of the TEASE MASK. If you see other listings online using our photos, or selling THE REVEAL mask, please beware they are NOT our products. Our masks are sold exclusively on Etsy and our website. We make our masks in Downtown Los Angeles USA, not overseas or anywhere else!
Copies of our masks are:
1. Not engineered with micro holes.
2. Poorer quality than the original.
3. Do not have the SACHIKA logo tag.
Thank You to you all who have notified us of this issue and we thank you for your continued support and love!
Stay safe everyone!

Due to the multi-color iridescence, this mask will NOT appear AS transparent. It will look mostly gold with iridescent multi-color depending on your environment.

FYI, if you’re looking for 100% clear mask, we have other options in our shop such as, "THE REVEAL" face mask -

***Engineered with micro pores to facilitate airflow***
Having micro-holes is the only way to be able to make a breathable transparent mask. We use vinyl and the only way to have any air circulation is to have these micro-holes.

•Unlike most non-medical mask, THE TEASE WILD face mask passes the lighter/candle test, proving its effectiveness!
Please view the video here:

•Made of supple sheer vinyl
•Fashionable & Stylish
•Water Resistant
•Offered in 2 sizes : S/M or M/L (Model is wearing S/M)
•Made in the USA
•FREE shipping in the USA over $35


1-2 Business day Processing

All of our masks are manufactured in our facilities in Los Angeles, CA in a clean disinfected environment with all necessary precautions taken.


No cancellations, returns or exchanges due to the Pandemic. Thank you for understanding.



Note: This product is intended for general, non-medical, purposes. It is not intended for use by health care professionals or for use in a health care facility or environment.

 During disease outbreaks, face masks alone will not prevent exposure. Consult the recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for tips on how to avoid person-to-person contact, practice social distancing, avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or the inside of the elbow, and frequently and thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds.



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