The Ultimate Bundle of 5 Clear Face Masks, great for gift for your loved ones, Unisex smile sexy masks


A bundle of 5 mixed color clear masks : OUR REVEAL BESTSELLER masks - sold over 100,000 worldwide
Offered in 5 colors : Beige , black, cocoa, pink and red!

Perfect gift for your loved ones!

Stay safe and fashionable with this great mix of our SACHIKA reveal clear masks - made in USA .

Our reveal clear Masks are :

***Engineered with micro pores to facilitate airflow***
Having micro-holes is the only way to be able to make a breathable transparent mask. We use vinyl and the only way to have any air circulation is to have these micro-holes.

•Unlike most non-medical mask, THE REVEAL clear face mask passes the lighter/candle test, proving its effectiveness!
Please view the video here:

•Made of supple sheer vinyl
•Fashionable & Stylish
•Water Resistant
•Available in 2 sizes
•Made in the USA
•FREE shipping in the USA over $35

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