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sachika fashion show


SACHIKA vs. LOUIS VUITTON SHOWDOWN! Check this out…SACHIKA with similar looks to Louis Vuitton. What a coincidence that New York Fashion Week was before Paris Fashion Week. Great minds think alike, both SACHIKA and Louis Vuitton finding an Asian inspiration.We work long and hard on everything that we do and all the hard work pays off in [...]

SACHIKA Featured at the 2nd Annual POSCHE BOUTIQUE Fashion Show

To-Tam Sachika, Alex McCord, Caroline Manzo & To-Nya Sachika We are very pleased to announce that SACHIKA is embarking on its newest endeavor with Posche Boutique in New Jersey. SACHIKA IS NOW AVAILABLE at POSCHE BOUTIQUE  AND… Posche Boutique’s much anticipated yearly Fashion Show  on November 2nd, 2010 will be showcasing SACHIKA as one of their [...]

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